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Qunfeng consistently adheres to the business philosophy of Integrity, pragmaticality ,Innovation, the principle of being practical and realistic, the attitude of being faithful and reponsible, takes the user’s success as our business goal and user’s satisfaction as our service tenet. Qunfeng strives to provide users with products of excellent quality and resonable price and service of thoughtful ,efficient and first-class.

Pre-sales Service

Professional and comprehensive pre-sales service guides and directs your investment.

◇ Introduce the profile and product categories of our company;
◇ According to the actual buyer market demands, guide them to select the right product category;
◇ According to the buyer's demand and the budget , guide the users to choose the suitable equipment;
◇ Arrange and accompany on-the-spot investigation on production plant, Brief speech at site and explain the buyer's concerned queries.;
◇ According to the buyer's actual situation, work out flexible investment solutions for option;

On-sales Service

Meticulous and scientific on-sale service makes your choice more worry-saving and reliable.

◇ Review the contact, confirm or amend the uncertainties or the issues that have to be fixed through negotiations by both parties.

◇ Assign production orders and arrange production as per requirement.

◇ Provide the plant layout of workshop and foundation drawing of equipment in advance. We will arrange personnel to carry out on-site guidance if necessary.

◇ Provide technical consultation as well as the advices on the plan of factrory establishment.

◇ Monitor the production schedule of equipment on a real-time basis to ensure punctual delivery.

After-sales Service

Thoughtful and prompt after-sales service provides support and guarantee for your benefits.

◇ Send the technicians to carry out the installation and debugging of equipment for the foreign users with compensation. Countries or regions with unstable political situation or in the throes of wartime are not included in our plan. .

◇ Train the users to command the equipment and guide them for safe production.

◇ Explain the routine maintenance of equipment carefully and remove common faults.

◇ We are responsible for all the repairs that caused by our quality problems within one year’s warranty. Foreign accessories are generally delivered by DHL in orde to provide service for foreign customers promptly.

◇ The foreign customers who have any questions on after-sales service can directly send email to our designated mailbox. We will answer your questions in 12 hours and solve various problems for the customers in time.

◇ For some counties whose visas are difficult obtain, customers can also send their technicians to our company to receive free guidance and training.

◇ Accept the suggestions for improvement put forward by customers in an earnest way. In accordance with changes of the market, provide the products and services to meet the users’ needs and create values for them.

◇ The customers whose products have passsed its warranty date are entitled to enjoy our after-sales service for life.

If You Have Any Requirement

Please contact us in time

After-sales service hotline: +86-595-22356750 or after-sales service E-mail for foreign customers:

We will make every effort to solve your problems. Your success will add new glory to us!

Thank you for your sincere cooperation!